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What is OrSoZoX.CoM/PrOt?
It is a unique site of short url script to Protect your private links

What is Short-Url ?
Run your own short URL service with ease. In times where people send millions of sms, emails or Twitter messages daily, a short URL service is very popular. So you would have a high traffic of your links within a few months with this php script or if you want it to be secret it is up to you. This gives you the opportunity to easily protect your long links with your short URL service website.
Offer your visitors a short URL service for the niche of downloading New films, programes and views hot news; and they would gladly come back to your links. Or simply use the script for masking your own affiliate links and keep track how many times an URL has been clicked.
OrSoZoX.CoM/PrOt Short URL protect script allows you to have a URL shortening service under your own domain. The script can create shorter URLs e-mails or microblogging platforms. As a site owner, you can use the script for managing downloads, masking URLs, and keeping track of how many times a link has been clicked. Please feel free to use this script and protect your favourite links and images for long time but just follow our Privacy Policy.

Please let us tell your some about Script Features.
- Search engine friendly short URLs and Meta tags.
- Option to let the users create a custo